Who are we and what are we doing here?

Happy to meet you! We are Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, co-creators of the long-running celebrity fashion blog Go Fug Yourself (where we are collectively referred to as the Fug Girls, probably soon to be Fug Crones, then Fug Hags, then presumably Fug Disembodied and Reanimated Heads Preserved on the Mantel in Jars Who Periodically Bark at Someone to Change the Channel to Jeopardy!). We write copiously on Go Fug Yourself about what people wear on the red carpet — the good, the bad, and the fantastically ugly — but sometimes, we want to spout off about other fun stuff. That’s where this newsletter comes in. We hope you join us!

Why ‘Drinks With Broads’?

The term “broad” to us is, quite simply, A Vibe — it evokes a strong, vivacious being, wholly themself, probably with no Fs left to give (or no desire to part with the ones they do have). A person you know has seen it, done it, and mentally written a tell-all about it, and whom we sense would be a hoot and a half if you hung out in a darkened cocktail lounge and gossiped over some extremely dirty martinis. Think Christine Baranski, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Rita Moreno, Billy Porter. Every so often on GFY, we imagine inviting such folks to a conclave of badasses — to Drinks With Broads — and note when we’re holding a chair open for someone new. Thus, that felt like a fun catch-all name for a newsletter that, itself, is intended to be a fun catch-all experience — and, hopefully, a hoot and a half.

What will you put here that isn’t already on that other site?

There will be some corollaries — for example, Drinks With Broads brings you morning-after discussions of award show telecasts, chances to vote on the best and worst outfits of the month, maybe a deeper dive into an outfit that demands secondary discussion. Our periodic recaps of TV shows that people love to discuss — The Gilded Age, And Just Like That — will also move to this space for paid subscribers.

Beyond that, we’ll see where the pop-culture winds blow us. Our interests are vast, and we work from home, so we have copious chances to bump into Jessica Fletcher or John Black and see what they’re up to lately. We might revisit a classic cinematic cheesefest, or get into a discussion about niche sports (ahem, curling). We’ll definitely investigate whatever gossipy shenanigans your favorite (or least favorite) celebrities are up to. And we’re going to incorporate more broads — by which we mean, talk to cool people about who they are, and what they do (and okay, maybe we’ll do it over a cocktail, but that’s just a tasty bonus).

Why subscribe, and what do we get?

Newsletters are a relatively low-effort commitment for readers. Which we like! You don’t have to remember to visit a site or click on a bookmark. We’ll hit “send” and it will show up in your Inbox, hopefully more enticing than the umpteenth marketing note from Williams-Somona, although you MIGHT need to shop another sale on Staub cookware and that’s great and you should do it.

You don’t have to pay anything to be here, if that’s not your jam. We’ll send out free newsletters weekly! But for just $5 a month, or $50 a year, paid subscribers receive weekly bonus content, the ability to comment on all newsletters, access to live chats during major events like the Oscars, TV recaps when they’re in season, and full access to our archives. Paid subscriptions are also a great way to support small, independent writers like us. Either way, we appreciate you. So please pull up a chair, we’re having a blast!

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We are the writers behind Go Fug Yourself, a long-running celebrity fashion blog, and the authors of four novels: The Royal We, The Heir Affair, Spoiled, and Messy.